Over 100 years combined experience

Come test your birds with us on a 5 race series into a head wind. If your birds perform here, they will @ the overseas OLR's that are so tough!! Larry and I have been racing pigeons since the 1960's. We know how to train the birds to get the best performance out of them! We have both won many, many races, High Point Loft awards and AU champion loft & bird awards as well as Digest awards!            

Only The Best of Care

Your birds will be vaccinated for PMV & Pox. They will receive regular treatment for canker, coccidiosis, respiratory and adenovirus.

The will receive ACV & garlic in the water daily and vitamins & a probiotic when training begins.

All birds will have their 9th & 10th flights pulled.


These birds will be trained similar to the SAMDR training regimen. They will go in the basket several days a week once training begins until the races are over. We are looking for the most consistent birds and this is the way to prepare them for the best performance of their lives into a headwind !!!

Loft Capacity - 800+

This is the former Winners Cup Oklahoma Loft!!! The loft is huge!!!!. Contains over 800 perches and has expanded metal floors. It is well ventilated and is constructed to promote the best health achievable for your birds!!!