This is a 5 Race Series Designed to award the most consistent Performers!!

Accepting birds February 15th through June 1st.  We will be taking a maximum of 600 birds.

Replacement birds accepted up to June 15th.    

Perch Fee:  (As noted on home page) (non-refundable) across the board. Prepayment of perch fees after January 1st is the only way to confirm perch reservations. Birds that arrive without perch fees will not enter the loft.

Entry Fee: $200 per bird Mandatory due after 100 Mile activation race.

Birds will be quarantined for at least 7 days upon arrival. Birds will be vaccinated for PMV/HERPES & 30-day booster, treated for coccidiosis, canker, and internal/external parasites.

REFUND POLICY---- If a Breeder does not basket at least 1 bird from a minimum of a 3 bird team for the final race and has not won any prizes in the previous races He/She will receive one free perch fee for the next year. Entry fees will be refunded if bird does not make it to the first race after being activated.

All birds will have their 9th and 10th flight clipped & pulled.

Visitors are always welcome by appointment.

All eligible birds must be activated 3 days prior 1st race to maintain eligibility. Birds not activated by breeders will be listed as available.

5 Race Average Speed Series.

Birds will be trained a minimum of 2 to 4x a week during races weather permitting. We will keep them sharp!

Race dates subject to change due to weather conditions and condition of the birds.

The race course will be South. We have a predominantly South winds with a front coming through every 5 or 6 days that time of year. The races will be on a head wind day and speeds should be 1000-1300 ypm.

Prizes paid by the first drop then clocking order for the remaining positions for the final race only. All other races will be paid by clocking order. In the event of a piggyback bird on the drop that bird will be identified and placed at the back of that clocking group. In the event of a tie, those birds will share the combined winnings equally.

Birds not activated may be activated by another flier and will become their property.

Birds may be shipped back to owner at a rate of $60/box for 1st two birds- add $10/bird for each additional bird (rates subject to prevailing postal rates)

All prize $ and class entries will be cut 10% for race and final expenses.

All birds not claimed 5 days after final race will become the property of The Chickasaw Challenge.

Participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

All $ winners of $600 or more must submit a W-9 Tax form.

Mail birds to:
Richard Reddick
224 N Rennie St.
Ada, OK 74820
Please mark instructions
"call for pick-up"
Please mail on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday ONLY to avoid birds spending extra time in postal system!
15% of total purse to 1st 10 place on 250 mile race
40% to 1st 15 places on 350 mile race
45% to top 10 average speed performers
Class Entries available on every race